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Modified May 7, 2009

Domain Ownership
This Privacy Policy applies to the following domains:

Email Policy
1. We will NOT send you any unsolicited email.
2. We will NOT distribute your email address without your permission to any third party for any reason.
3. We will honor all unsubscribe requests right away.

Cookie Policy
1. We use cookies that allow us to identify repeat visitors to our domains.
2. We do not acquire or use any personally-identifying information that has not been explicitly provided to us by our visitors.
3. Any information that has been provided to us is treated with maximum respect for each user's privacy. We will not release any such information to any third party without expressed permission by the user who has provided this information or as required by law.
4. In order to save our users time to log into their accounts, we may use cookies to automatically log the user in from the browser that previously logged in but not logged out of our domains. Users should explicity log out if they use a shared computer.

Account Policy
1. We treat any user who is able to log into his/her account using the correct email address and password or any user logging in on the desktop/browser that has previously logged in but not logged out as the same user who created the account. This user will have an ability to review all information provided to us by the creator of the account. Users should keep their passwords as confidential and not release them to anyone. Users should log out of their accounts on shared computers when they are done using their accounts.

Email Tracking
1. When sending email, we may place images in the email HTML code which will enable us to learn the effectiveness of email based on:
  • How often email messages from are opened;
  • Click-through rates of various links present in the email message.
2. Any information learned from email tracking will be held confidentially by and not shared with any third party.

Other Information
1. We may collect browser type, version, operating system and other information provided by the User Agent field of the HTTP request.
2. We may collect information about which web pages have referred a visitor to our domains based on the Referrer field of the HTTP request.
3. We may collect the IP address of the visitor to our domains. This information may offer us an ability to identify the ISP used by the visitor and the visitor's general geographic location.
4. Information obtained this way will be used solely to debug our application, provide customer service, or prevent fraud.

We may modify our Privacy Policy at any time. As soon as the Privacy Policy is changed, it will be posted here.
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