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The team at has figured out a unique and effective way to fight spam - eliminate it at the source. The entire problem with spam originates with users who provide their email addresses to web sites that either generate their own unsolicited email messages or sell those addresses to bulk mailers (ie spammers). Furthermore, spam filters are rarely effective -- they either block email we want to see or they let unwanted email messages in.

We have decided to attack this problem at the time of registration. By letting you enter a disposable (proxy) email address instead of your personal address, we have given you the control to disable any of the proxies that generate spam without disabling all addresses at the same time. Secondly, because we let you generate a unique email proxy for each of the sites, you have an ability to tell which sites are abusing your address, making it easier to report them and make them accountable.

We believe our service is so compelling that we will cause the end of spam on the Internet! Management Team

Founder / CEO was founded by Gene Kavner -- an experienced, successful entrepreneur, manager, and executive. Gene was one of the chief architects of Microsoft MSN and an inventor of technology that for the first time allowed applications to communicate across the Internet over slow lines.

Gene was the founder and CEO of and an architect of NetSonic Internet Accelerator, one of the most popular Internet utilities that has been downloaded over 10 Million times and was the winner of PC World Magazine's Best Product award. was also the inventor of the Web3000 Ad Network, the first advertising network that allowed downloadable software products monetize their distribution.

Gene was also the World-Wide Director of the Amazon Associates affiliate program and one of the chief architects of some of the innovative Amazon affiliate rollouts, such as the Amazon aStore, Omakase links, Embedded links, Product-Preview links and widgets.

Gene is the sole author of 2 US Patents and holds a Masters of Computer Engineering degree from the University of Michigan.
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