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How to Stop Spam Forever
   Steps to Stop Spam Forever
Whether you currently receive a large or a small amount of spam, you should create a new email address for yourself. We recognize this is inconvenient but once spammers get a hold of your email address, there is very little that is stopping them from selling your address to other spammers. It happens all the time and we've seen it. Thus, the amount of spam you receive today will only increase. The only way to prevent spam is to ensure spammers never find out about your email address. Once they do, it's too late.

Once you have an email address that is 100% clean of all spam, you have to never give it out again! Yes, we know this is a change from everything you've ever done. But no matter how legitimate the site seems, you should never assume any site will ever keep your email address confidential. In an effort to generate cash, any site may "rent out" their email list. All it takes is a single site to sell your address to a single spammer. Within hours, you will start receiving spam and you will have no idea where it came from. Within a day, the spammer will sell your address to other spammers who sell it to other spammers. Within a week you will see hundreds of spam messages a day in your inbox.

3 will enable you to create an unlimited number of proxy email sub-accounts that you will create for each of the sites you register. With your registration, you will create a unique email prefix which will be yours forever. From that point on, any email sent to an email address in the following format will get automatically forwarded to your private email account:


In order to easily remember the unique email address you have for each site, simply enter the domain name where you are registering in place of [any_string]. You may create these email sub-accounts on the fly as you are registering on various sites. If the email is sent to any address in the above format, it will get delivered to you.

So, for example, if you are registering on, you will use the following email address to register:
     [ where prefix is generated by you at registration ]

With MailSafe100, you have complete control of what you receive and what you don't receive.
  • Once a sub-account starts generating too much spam, you can shut off all email for that sub-account without affecting other sub-accounts.

  • You can enable default delivery on any new sub-accounts while keeping certain sub-accounts disabled.

  • You can request that all sub-accounts are disabled by default while enabling a number of sub-accounts you want to see.

  • You can see all email you receive on the site, even email that you've decided to not have forwarded to your email address.

  • You can control delivery down to the source domain / target sub-account level, getting a scalpel-based precision on what emails you want to see and which ones are blocked.
Starting today, remember to never, ever release your personal email address to anyone online. Only release the MailSafe100 proxy address in the format described above.

This will keep your mailbox clean from all the garbage you receive today.
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