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   What We Offer You
Once you register, we offer you an UNLIMITED number of sub-accounts (each with a unique email address) that you can use on:

Web sites    Registration screens    Software products    Offline forms

You create these sub-accounts on-the-fly, at the time you fill out a registration form:

Email format:
unique email prefix
. [ any string ] @

In the following example, assume your email prefix is "tc" (created at registration) and you are registering on the Apple iTunes web site:

You would use this email:

As soon as iTunes sends you a single email message, an iTunes sub-account will be automatically created for you on MailSafe100. The sub-account is the name that follows the period after your prefix. In this case it's iTunes. Picking a sub-account name that helps you identify the site where you registered will allow you to better manage your incoming emails and determine which web site registration caused all the spam!

By default, all messages sent to this sub-account by iTunes will be automatically forwarded to your main email account. However, you have the full control to change this default at a later time.

Subscription to offers you all of the following:

Create as many sub-accounts as you want ... on the fly!
Full password security so nobody other than you will be able to see your messages
Automatic delivery of emails received by any of your sub-accounts
Ability to see volume of email you receive by each sub-account and optionally, by each sender to each sub-account
Abilty to turn off the entire sub-account that starts to receive too much email
Ability to restrict each sub-account to receive email from a particular source but not other sources - useful if you want to continue receiving email from the site you registered on but not from their "partners"
Ability to receive at most 1 email for each sub-account per day/week/month on Facebook

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