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You're invited to trade options like a FOOL!

For years and years, options were the province of the collar and cuff crowd. Then we said enough is enough! And set out to prove to individual investors that it's not only possible to trade options easily and sensibly... but they can also supercharge your portfolio in ways you might not have thought possible.

That's how Motley Fool Options Whiz was born.

Options Whiz is designed to teach you to trade options sensibly, with a minimum of risk, and all the resources of The Motley Fool behind you! Inside this interactive "Options University" experience, you'll:

  • Meet an unconventional options trader with a 90%+ hit rate...
  • Discover why Barron's writes, "These two FOOLS have offered some smart advice"...
  • Become an options "whiz" at your own pace, from anywhere you can access the Internet...

You'll discover eight things you should absolutely know before you sell puts... including how to limit your potential losses and still make a bundle on a falling stock when you buy puts The Motley Fool way. And much more, including:

  • 4 reasons to buy calls... (hint: juicing your returns & minimizing risk is just one of them!)
  • 3 secrets to pocketing immediate and substantial amounts of cash when you sell covered calls...
  • How to trade "synthetic longs" like a pro (a strategy for when you're confident about a particular stock but don't want to pony up the cash)...
  • Everything you need to know to buy straddles, write straddles... and lots more!

One thing you'll notice right off the bat. This is like NO OTHER options product you've experienced!

Jeff Fischer, Jim Gillies, and their team have succeeded in taking the mystery out of options. They've helped countless individual investors build up a Foolish pile of dough. And now, they lay bare their process for YOU. So lean into this one, friends...

Options Whiz has plenty of hand-holding for those who want it. And more advanced strategies for those of you who've traded successfully in the past. And here's the best part: for a limited time, it's 100% FREE! (In fact, this is the beta test; we plan to package this puppy up and sell it in 2012.)



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